Release Version at .39 (First release was .3) this is a pretty bug free release. Meaning that no one has found any bugs so far and therefore was my last for a while. :)


Changed around the major points. Now there are 5 flags with:

  • Axis spawn holding at the Mountain... and with having the village down below a spawn point they should make sure to watch their territory.
  • Allies in the same place but now called Control Alpha
And there are three neutral points:
  • Del Abba a cove that you will find hard to cap and a factory complex that the opposing team will love to have
  • The bridge... control the island and no one is going no where. Plus I was able to get Pitmatic's code working (Thanks to a lot of help from him) and now you can blow the bridges with 4 ex packs... BUT it will take a "few" minutes to respawn so you can block your own guys from the road.
  • Tali Abu Dahir... British influenced city that has seen better days and with the base right across the bridge a natural spot to hold.
NOTE all the flags are still cappable.
  • The tickets will now go down for the side that has 3 of the 5 flags
  • Reworked both the river system and the textures to try to give a better feel.
  • Reduced the lag around the old depot (too many vehicles.. I cut just a few and it is much better there)
  • Reworked the balance and it now feels much better.
  • Fixed all the death holes around Omaha Style bunkers.
  • Added boat ramps or water access to all points and major areas and made sure that there are boats at each point.

Based on Northern Iraq... The coalition had gotten set up with a stronghold and are ready to take control of the area... but the area is mountainous and the Iraqis are scattered all over... As the Coalition roll in and down the waterways, the Iraqis go for the high point and head for the local arms depot looking for the arms to turn the tide. The battle ranges over land in the air and on the waterways. Though overmatched will they hold back the coalition and take the map?

In Game Map

This Zip File contains:

Copy the Tali_Abu_Dahir.rfa map to your
....battlefield1942\Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels folder

Then join a multiplayer game and thats it.

Delete Tali_Abu_Dahir.rfa from the levels folder.

Screen Shot

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Updated all textures.
Removed all old objects and replaced them with .5 Objects.
Removed all WWII vehicles and put in modern vehicles.

Fixed gaps in wall
Fixed textures
Recreated  textures for map going with dryer grass
Fixed missing Sandbag
Fixed missing Helicopter
Checked M82 Spawns... added 1 more
Fixed Floaters in Dock Area
Fixed Entrance to Axis Armor Area
Fixed Ladder on Axis Walls
Fixed so you can get to AA on Axis Wall
Fixed sunken tents at Allied Main
Fixed Bradley Spawning in the middle of nowhere
Fixed Planes spawn - Removed A10 and F14, put in AV-8C & AV-8H
Fixed wall in Tali Abu that had no end
Fixed exploit in Rubbish pile
Fixed terrian around roads that could cause problems
Added fences on roads that wound close to cliffs
Added 3 more spawns (Now at 7) with 5 capable and 2 uncappable
Added more health and Ammo boxes
Added back in Explodable Bridges

More tweaks to which harriers spawn
Building Blocks found floating...even just a little, brought to earth
Add the wrecked Bridge statics... they where missing
Axis ladder now high enough.... but too close to wall.
Corrupted Texture block "repaired"
Started on some lite planting.

Major Texture Revisions
City redone a bit and adjusted
Bridge Code Fixed
Control Point issue Fixed
Fixed numerous model issues
Added real Runways

Last Minute Fixes
Adding .7 Vehicles
Added NoFlyZone Clouds
Added a Custom Object of AdmiralJesus
Adjusted Control Points and Spawns
(I think I fixed the CTD issues keep me advised)

The Docks can only be capped by the Coalition
The Slums can only be capped by the Opposition

Minor tweaks on the clouds
Minor  tweak on cap area of a couple flags
Fixed an uneven vehicle spawn
found and fixed 1 floater
Testing a pretty nice Installer

Server Version and Client Version tested and working
Removed Fighters
Adjusted Fog Levels
Customized MiniMap
Fixed Floaters and Texture Issues

=LORD= Guder
irc: #clanlord on GameSurge